Ali and Nino by Tamar Kvesitadze – Batumi (Georgia)


Ali and Nino by Tamar Kvesitadze – Batumi (Georgia)
Image: Diana Forker
Current projects Show content

Below, you will find a list of current research projects conducted by our staff members.
For more information please visit current projects site.

  • LexCauc – A lexical database for the languages of the Caucasus
  • Language contact in the Caucasus
  • JENA-CAUC - Resilience in the South Caucasus: prospects and challenges of a new EU foreign policy concept
Current dissertations Show content
  • Tamar Khutsishvili: Land use strategies in the Armenian border village Pshatavan
  • Felix Anker: Topics in the morphosyntax of Caucasian languages
  • Natasha Bogomolova: Agreement in Tabasaran
  • Joseph Sparsbrod: Everyday Life in Old Tbilisi. Exploration of Cohabitation in a Multiethnic Neighborhood in Tbilisi
  • Weronika Zmiejewski: Female labor migrants from Georgia in Greece

Detailed information about the dissertations

Completed projects Show content
  • Documenting Dargwa languages in Daghestan – Shiri and Sanzhi
  • CASCADE – Exploring the Security-Democracy Nexus in the Caucasus
  • Transformations of Sacred Spaces, Pilgrimages and Conceptions of Hybridity in the Post-Soviet Caucasus

Detailed information about the projects

Completed dissertations Show content
  • Natia Reineck: Sprachspezifische und sprachenübergreifende Konzepte für den Fremdsprachenunterricht am Beispiel des Deutschen und des Georgischen als Fremdsprache [Language-specific and cross-linguistic concepts for second language teaching, exemplified by German and Georgian as second languages]

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Publications Show content

Articles, conference papers and other publications can be found on the individual pages of the team members.

Overview of books and edited volumes of recent years


  • Diana Forker. 2019. A grammar of Sanzhi Dargwa. Berlin: Language Science Press.


  • Hannah Sarvasy & Diana Forker (eds.) 2018. Word Hunters. Amsterdam: Benjamins.
  • Diana Forker & Timur Maisak (eds.) 2018. The semantics of verbal categories in Nakh-Daghestanian languages: Tense, aspect, evidentiality, mood/modality. Leiden: Brill.
  • Forker, Diana & Geoffrey Haig (eds.) 2018. Person and gender in discourse: An empirical cross-linguistic perspective. Linguistics 56(4).
  • Tsypylma Darieva & Florian Mühlfried & Kevin Tuite (eds.) 2018. Sacred Places, Emerging Spaces - Religious Pluralism in the Post-Soviet Caucasus. Oxford, New York: Berghahn.


  • Diana Forker & Gadzhimuard Gadzhimuradov. 2017. Sanzhi tales and legends. With a Sanzhi-Russian and a Russian-Sanzhi dictionary. Makhachkala. [In Russian]
  • Mehmet Bardakçı, Annette Freyberg-Inan, Christoph Giesel & Olaf Leiße. 2017. Religious Minorities in Turkey. Alevi, Armenians, Syriacs and the Struggle to Desecuritize Religious Freedom. London: Palgrave Macmillan.
  • Typylma Darieva & Thede Kahl & Svetlana Toncheva (eds.) 2017. Sakralität und Mobilität im Kaukasus und in Südosteuropa. Wien: Verlag der österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften.


  • Natia Reineck. 2016. Einfach - Sprachen - lernen: Universalkonzepte für den optimalen Fremdsprachenunterricht. Marburg: Tectum Verlag.
  • Natia Reineck & Ute Rieger. 2016. Kaukasiologie heute: Eine Festschrift zum 70. Geburtstag von Heinz Fähnrich. Greiz: König.

Detailed information about the books and edited volumes

Collaboration Show content

We collaborate with the following institutes, universities and projects in Jena and beyond:

Our partner universities for student exchange programs are specified in this list.

Field work impressions

LexCauc project: The village of Hinuq in winter
Image: Diana Forker
Dargi project: A Shiri woman carrying water
Image: Iwona Kaliszewska
Language contact project: A young woman in Hinuq
Image: Diana Forker
Language contact project: Hinuq women celebrating the end of Ramadan ("Uraza Bayram")
Image: Diana Forker
Language contact project: A young girl in Hinuq
Image: Diana Forker
Language contact project: Hinuq children
Image: Diana Forker
Dargi project: The mosque in Druzhba
Image: Iwona Kaliszewska
Dargi project: The village of Shiri
Image: Iwona Kaliszewska
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