BA Caucasus Studies Minor (60 ECTS)

The BA degree program will give you advanced skills and knowledge crucial to understanding and engaging with the Caucasus region. Core courses encompass lectures and seminars devoted to the people, cultures, languages, history, and politics of the Caucasus, and language courses in Georgian and Russian. In addition, you can choose from a wide range of optional courses from political science, history, linguistics, Indo-European studies, religious studies or language courses in Turkish, Classical Armenian and Ancient Greek.  

Exemplary BA courses offered by us:

  • Introduction to Caucasus Studies (Diana Forker)
  • Introduction to ethnic groups and cultures of the Caucasus (Diana Forker)
  • Introduction to the languages of the Caucasus (Diana Forker)
  • Oral literature, mythology and verbal art of the Caucasus (Diana Forker)
  • Sufism vs. radical Islam in the Caucasus and the Balkans (Christoph Giesel)
  • Comparing “Frozen Conflicts” in the Caucasus and the Balkans (Christoph Giesel)
  • Ethnic groups and religions in the Caucasus - Historical developments and recent changes (Christoph Giesel)
  • Georgian language courses (levels I-IV) (Natia Reineck)

Courses are complemented by guest lectures, expeditions and field work courses in the Caucasus, colloquia, and film series. And if you love adventure, we offer you a variety of study opportunities in the region at our partner universities (e.g. in Tbilisi, Kutaissi, Baku, Yerevan) so you can experience the Caucasus first hand. Plus we will support you to find funding and help you to get there.

The BA degree program is intended for students preparing for graduate work, those planning a career in government or industry, and those whose primary aim is to master Caucasian cultures in the original languages.

Admission Requirements

The BA Caucasus Studies minor is available to students of all disciplines studying the Bachelor of Arts. The FSU Jena welcomes international students onto our campus. Find out more about studying as an international student.

Students interested in the program are encouraged to consult with Prof. Diana Forker.