Across the Caucasus


"Across the Caucasus"
Across the Caucasus
Image: Nvard Yerkanian

The podcast 'Across the Caucasus' is a monthly series curated and produced by members of the Institute for Caucasus Studies in Jena, Germany. The podcast aims to disseminate insights on the North and South Caucasus and to provide young researchers a platform to present and discuss their research projects. Furthermore, the podcast wants to digitalize knowledge on the Caucasus. Topics which are represented are politics, social dynamics, history, linguistic and cultural forms.

Episode 1 - Departure Expand entry

In this very first episode we introduce ourselves and the institute, as well as the head of the department Prof. Dr. Diana Forker and our colleague Dr. Bidzina Lebanidze who both tell us about their research, current projects, and the importance of studying the Caucasus.

Episode 2 - War and peace Expand entry

In this episode we talk about the war in Ukraine and its possible impact on Georgia. Our guests this time are Liza Shcherbakova who is currently studying in Jena but originally from Kyiv, and our colleague Irena Gonashvili who talks about the Georgian perspective.

Episode 3 - Being left alone (in the Caucasus)? Expand entry

In this episode we talk about left movements in the Caucasus. Our colleague Veronika Pfeilschifter tells us about the (non-)existence of left political parties in the South Caucasus, and left movements that emerged outside the political party system.