Field research among the Batsbi people in Georgia

Student assistants

Field research among the Batsbi people in Georgia
Image: Felix Anker
Image: Maximilian Grübsch

Maximilian Grübsch

Maximilian Grübsch completed his Bachelor of Arts in Slavic Studies at the University in Heidelberg. Currently he is studying Caucasian Studies in Jena. He is interested in the research of language contact.



Image: Naemi Haar

Naemi Haar

Naemi Haar has finished her Bachelor of Arts in German Studies and History at Technische
Universität Dresden and is currently completing her Master of Arts in Art History and Film Studies at
the FSU Jena. She is particularly interested in the genre horror and gender roles in film.


Image: Foto Gebhardt Jena

Nele Tünnermann

Nele Tünnermann has finsihed her BA in German as a Foreign Language /
Second Language (DaF/DaZ) and Spanish at the FSU Jena and is currently
writing her MA thesis with the title "Bildung und Menschwerdung bei Hermann Hesse" in order to receive her MA degree in "Education ‐ Culture ‐ Anthropology".


Image: David Uerlings

David Uerlings 

(June - August 2020)

David Uerlings is completing his Master of Arts in Political Science with major International Relations at the FSU. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts at the University of Mannheim and Tampere University in Political Science and Quantitative Methods. He is particularly interested in European foreign and security policy as well as diplomatic cooperation dynamics.