Felix Anker

PhD student, teaching and research fellow (Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter)
Felix Anker
Felix Anker
Accouchierhaus, Room 103
Jenergasse 8
07743 Jena

Areas of expertise & research interests

  • Languages of the Caucasus
  • Language typology
  • Syntax of complex clauses
  • Reported speech
  • Language use and humour


Since 2019
Teaching and research fellow (Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter)

Research assistant in the project “LexCauc – A lexical database for the languages of the Caucasus”

Student assistant in the research project “Documenting Dargi languages in Daghestan - Shiri and Sanzhi”

MA General Linguistics, Otto-Friedrich-University Bamberg

BA German Language, Literature and Cultures; General Linguistics; Archaeology, Otto-Friedrich-University Bamberg

Topic of the dissertation:
Reported speech constructions in the languages of the Caucasus

The dissertation is concerned with the expression of reported speech constructions in languages of the Caucasus. The first part of the dissertation consists of three case studies to exemplify reported speech constructions in each of the three indigenous language families spoken in the Caucasus: Tsova-Tush (East Caucasian), Svan (Kartvelian) and Adyghe (West Caucasian).

The second part of the dissertation is a microtypological comparison between the three language families, not only with the data of the three case studies of the first part, but additional usage of already existing data on reported speech constructions in Caucasian languages in order to provide a broader analysis with focus on typical features of reported speech constructions like quotative markers, the use of logophoric pronouns and quotative indexes.

Finally, the typological features that were illustrated in the second part will be used in a cross-linguistic comparison with other languages that share similar features, e.g. logophoricity in West African languages



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Winter 2021/2022

Introduction to Caucasian Studies (FSU Jena)

Introduction to the North Caucasian languages (FSU Jena)

Language and culture (FSU Jena)

Summer 2021

Linguistic peculiarities in the languages of the Caucasus (FSU Jena)

Winter 2020/2021

Introduction to intercultural pragmatics (FSU Jena)

October 2019

Digital dictionaries of Caucasian languages (Summer school in digital Caucasiology; with Diana Forker)