Dr. Kristian Roncero

Associated member & project leader
Kristian Roncero, Dr
Kristian Roncero
Accouchierhaus, Room 103
Jenergasse 8
07743 Jena

Research & areas of expertise

  • Chamalal (Andic, Nakh-Dagestanian).
  • Eastern Slavonic, particularly West Polesian.
  • Language documentation and description.
  • Language typology (inflectional morphology).
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Academic positions

Postdoctoral researcher at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History.
ELDP project leader of “An audio-visual documentation of Chamalal, a language of Dagestan (Russia)”. visit website


PhD in Linguistics. Surrey Morphology Group, University of Surrey.

MA in Linguistics. University of the Basque Country.

MA in Applied Linguistics: Description and Translation. University of León.

Course on Belarusian Philology. Brest State University (Belarus).

BA in Translation and Interpreting. University of the Basque Country.

International mobility and grants

ELDP Individual Postdoctoral Fellowship

Fieldwork grants by PhilSoc (UK), Gilchrist Educational Trust (UK) and The Belarusian

FASS Studentship Competition for PhD studies.

Erasmus + (for MA). Paris IV-Sorbonne.

Student exchange agreement (BA). Moscow State University.

Erasmus (for BA). Adam Mickiewicz University of Poznań.

Teaching & supervision

Graduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. University of Surrey.


  • ALT: Association of Linguistic Typology
  • PhilSoc: Philological Society of Great Britain
  • Zaharoddze: Cultural-Academic Association for the study of Western Polesie

This is my full CV [pdf, 134 kb] de

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Roncero, Kristian. 2019. A typological approach to West Polesian morphology and syntax. Doctoral thesis, University of Surrey. DOI: 10.15126/thesis.00851715

PhilSoc Early Career Research Forum 08-09/03/2019. Morphosyntactic feature values in the penumbra: Insights from the adnumerative. University of Oxford (Oxford, UK).

LAGB Annual Meeting, 11-14/09/2018. West Polesian future tense: a trip through European future grams. University of Sheffield (Sheffield, UK). [Winner of a presenter bursary]

12th ALT Meeting, 10-15/12/2017. The morphosyntactic nature of the adnumerative. Insights from West Polesian (Poster). ANU (Canberra, Australia).

ALS 48th Annual Meeting 04-07/12/2017. Overabundant suppletion in West Polesian. The case of the noun 'year'. University of Sydney (Sydney, Australia).

LAGB Annual Meeting, 04-07/09/2017. The Status of the Adnumerative in West Polesian. University of Kent (Canterbury, UK).

Roncero, Kristian. 2016. Working paper on the vocative in West Polesian. In: Gusakov, V. G., ed. Problemy racional´nogo ispol´zovanija prirodnyx resursov i ustoičivoe razvitie Poles´ja (vo.l II), pp. 672-676.

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