Temple of Garni (Armenia)

Past events

Temple of Garni (Armenia)
Image: Diana Forker

June 28, 2019, Second Colloquium of Caucasus Studies

We organized the second Colloquium of Caucasus Studies that gives students, guest researchers, visitors, stuff members and others interested in the Caucasus the possibility to present their theses, term papers, and research topics and to discuss them in a friendly and open environment. The Colloquium is interdisciplinary with talks from political science, anthropology, and linguistics featuring Caucasian topics such as recent political events, ethnic minorities, grammatical descriptions of Caucasian languages, etc.
The next colloquium will take place during the winter term 2019/2020.

The program of the colloquium [pdf 188KB]


June 5-7, 2019, Second International LexCauc Workshop

Participants of the Second International LexCauc Workshop Participants of the Second International LexCauc Workshop Image: Diana Forker

We hosted the second international LexCauc Workshop. 18 experts of Caucasian languages met in Jena and discussed the lexical database of the Caucasian languages. During the past year they have gathered lexical data of 18 East and West Caucasian languages, which will be included into the database that we are currently building up as part of the LexCauc Project.

The program of the workshop [pdf 388KB]

Pictures can be found on our Facebook page

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